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Although the meaning of Hate Me is deeply personal, it is something that is also relatable in many ways to high performing athletes alike.

Rob’s fitness journey started long ago in his early twenties when he met his first coach while working as a front desk manager in a gym. At 19 years old, he was a 6’5 feet tall kid on a meager 220 lbs frame but haD his heart set on being a body builder. During that first year, Rob changed his life around and worked 3 jobs to support his new lifestyle, including 8000-calories daily grocery bills, supplements and equipment… he reached his goal of 245 lbs but he needed to keep going. By his 21 st birthday, he had grown to over 6’6 feet and was walking around as a beastly 310lbs.

That certainly came in handy in his second job as a night life bouncer; if you had the misfortune of being a jerk in the night club where Rob worked, you may have flown down a few flights of stairs without touching the ground on your way out.
Around that same time, the stars aligned and Rob landed his first television audition and gig for a national commercial… and as many of you know, the rest is history and Rob quickly became the biggest and fittest Canadian stunt actor. But more on that later!


— Aristotle

Film Set


Rob trains his clients based on the specific goals and objectives of each individual; no cookie cutter plans here! His area of specialization is weight loss, muscle mass building, core strengthening, competitive sports cross training and conditioning for film actors and stunt performers. Much of his training was gained not only through his own training and certifications but also
through years of learning from the best such as Darren Oliver for his lifting techniques, proper motion and form as well as intensity. Darren also instilled how to inspire and get the best out of people, and Rob wants to continue walking in these footsteps. Bob Weatherill also has been not only a coach but a long-time friend for over 25 years, who taught Rob everything he knows about nutrition, proper supplementation and diet adjustments over the course of a program or transformation. Other wisdom also included how to properly structure a
training regimen and structure diet plans around the specific needs of such program.

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Fast-forward to a few years later, when he would meet two of the most instrumental role model figures in his life; IFBB Pro Bob Weatherill and the late Darren Oliver. Darren was more than just a coach to many, the two became very close and shared many great times together, training for whatever upcoming film Rob was working on. Anyone that has ever trained under Darren can relate to the fact that he would push you like you had never been pushed before, but he also had a very special ability to dig something out of you, that you didn’t even know was there. Darren saw the potential in people way
before you could even conceive it in your mind, he really was the biggest believer in people. During those workouts when you were gasping for air, those moments when you started seeing blurry spots and thought you were done a set, your heard that voice call out “TWO MORE!! TWO!!!” And Rob repeatedly yelled out, “I hate you!!!”

But then he would go on to land that role, nail a photoshoot and break the mold in the film industry. This echoes in a deep way as well for many professional athletes today, who heard their name called out on stage as the overall winner of a national title championship and Pro card, or whatever prize that they had set their eyes on.

Sadly, Darren very suddenly and unexpectedly lost his life in 2012… but it is with that same grit and passion that Rob trains, and always remembers those famous words of wisdom. Success is not achieved without sacrifice, sweat, tears… and a healthy dose of hatred to fuel that hunger to push the boundaries.

Experience & Certifications:


  • Certified personal trainer (ISSA)

  • Advanced First aid, CPR & AED cert.

  • Mental health & overdose intervention cert.

  • Ontario health and safety cert.

Diet and Nutrition

Rob is an advocate for and is specialized in customizing animal-based diets. Dr. Paul Saladino, a double board-certified medical doctor coined the term “animal-based” a couple of years ago as a spin-off of the term “plant-based.” While the plant-based diet philosophy suggests that eating mainly plants creates optimal health, Paul’s animal-based diet philosophy is reversed. He believes that eating mainly animals (including organs) is what creates optimal health.

Rob started following this regimen when he was going through several health issues, and struggled with low energy, chronic joint and muscle injuries from years of flying through walls and beating up monsters on film sets. Since fully converting over to the animal-based diets that includes but not limited to grass fed beef, grass fed kefir, A2 milk, butter, free run eggs, several different fruits to provide digestive enzymes and carbohydrates; he has noticed a complete transformation. His muscles are full, his energy and serotonin levels are at an all-time high and he has gain lean muscle mass.

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